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Flu Vaccinated Mothers Protect Newborn Children According to New Study

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Year after year, influenza leads to 250,000 deaths at minimum. On the worst of years, as many as a million people will die from the infection. Pregnant women and young children have the highest risk of becoming very ill due to complications, which can quickly lead to death.

The problem is worst within developing countries around the globe, where health care isn’t always accessible and medical facilities are often under-staffed and under-sourced. Influenza is very dangerous for infants because there are currently no approved vaccinations for children under the age of six months.

A new study conducted by researchers at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine’s Center for Vaccine Development (or CVD) in Baltimore and the Center for Vaccine Development of Mali (also known as CVD-Mali) has shown that mothers who are immunized against the flu can decrease their child’s risk of getting the virus by about 70%. This is especially important during the first four months of a child’s life. This particular study is the largest that has been able to show that not only are vaccinations against influenza feasible, but they are also extremely effective in all parts of the world.

The study is the biggest to date to take a deep glance at vaccinations for pregnant women in order to protect newborn infants from the flu. This is also the first time anyone has been able to determine just how long this protection lasts and a direct correlation between the antibodies of mothers and those in their infants. Such vaccinations are common in the industrial world but not often used in developing countries. Developing countries could greatly benefit in this change of practice, especially in locations such as West Africa and Mali. Mali has extremely high rates of both maternal and infant mortality.

Lead author of the trial, Milagritos D. Tapia says most pregnant women in Mali are already given a tetanus vaccine during pregnancy to prevent both the newborn and mother from the bacterial disease during child birth. He says since this already exists, all that is needed is an addition of the flu vaccination during the same doctor visit.

All research for the study was conducted in Bamako, Mali in West Africa. Co-lead author Samba O. Sow says conducting research at that particular location was important because Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. However, the country has pioneered new vaccinations for meningitis, pneumonia and severe gastroenteritis.

Researchers studied 4,193 pregnant women, half which received flu vaccines, the other half were given vaccinations for meningitis. Scientists closely observed the women’s children from birth until they hit the six month mark. The group which was treated for the flu had a vaccine efficacy of almost 70% at four months, and 57% at five months.

Senior author Myron M. Levine calls the results an important early step toward implementing maternal immunization against influenza to protect newborn babies. He calls the results impressive but says a lot more needs to be done. Researchers must complete a much larger scale study in order to measure the impact on more severe forms of influenza that in many cases lead to hospitalization and death.

Keith Klugman, Director for Pneumonia at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says the new data proves maternal immunization is both safe and effective. This research could save many lives within the poorest places around the world that simply do not have the health care so many others in the world have quick access to and take for granted every day.

The official and complete study was published this week in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

  • datdabbas

    Today my child is required to get 16 shots just to return to her public middle school. The government has no right to force me:

    • JD

      I’d tend to agree that the government has no right to intervene with
      personal liberty and force people to live a certain lifestyle, however
      when it comes to the safety of the population and the theory of herd
      immunity, people should be incentivized and/or forced to take the
      appropriate actions. Live as you while, as long has it doesn’t harm
      others; unfortunately being ignorance and scientific illiterate does
      harm others.

      • Kevin Waldron

        I dont see these shot as safe. there is a risk of side effects such as reactions and autism. Then you have to ask the question what are the people interest that make the drugs. They know that shuff is happening. do they try to make the drugs safer? Hell no. they roll out smear campains, lobby congress to force people to take it, and then cash out in wall street.

        • Solipsis

          Vaccines do not cause autism you ignorant fuck.

          • Ken Young

            yes they do you ignorant fuck and your taxes pay out damages to the victims.

        • TheLump

          It doesn’t actually matter that you don’t see the shots as safe. Thousands of studies say you’re wrong. Your personal feelings about efficacy are irrelevant.

          “they try to make the drugs safer? ”

          Yes, they do. The vaccines today are made differently and with different ingredients than when they came out. Why? Because they’re safer and more effective. Since you didn’t know this, I have to assume you didn’t look up your assertions or, looked up the answers on a site already dedicated to the opposition of vaccines.

      • Cody Garrett

        Does this mean I can initiate aggression against otherwise peaceful individuals so long as it makes me FEEL safer? Violating peoples rights IS the danger.

    • Je suis anonyme

      Put your disease-ridden child in home school then. If you want your child to go to public, follow common courtesies.

    • Αλαχσνακμπαρ

      Change country.

    • Jason

      Today I was required to drive less than 100mph just to use the road to get to school. The government has no right to force me:

      The government is not forcing you to do anything. The government is providing you with a service (schools, roads) that to use you must comply with certain standards for the safety of all (safe driving, vaccination). If you don’t want to meet those standards, you don’t get to use those services. Simple.

      On another note, I’m glad the government is protecting my kids by keeping your unvaccinated children away. You are free to wallow in whatever stupidity and ignorance you like, but you are not free to take actions which harm others.

    • Solipsis

      If you love your kid you’d get them the shots instead of being an ignorant fool. Measles and other such illnesses were eradicated until morons like you brought them back by believing someone as stupid as Jenny McCarthy.

      And yes, it does have a right to force you when your plague-ridden rat of a child could hurt other, innocent kids with some ridiculous disease that could’ve been easily prevented by an educated parent.

    • Pedro U. D. I. C. S. I. P.

      That’s because you’re trying to kill your children and other children as well. The government, usually, doesn’t like that. Be a good parent and do what other good parents do: vaccinate your children.

  • Cody Garrett

    I have some serious issues with this. Isn’t it common practice not
    to vaccinate pregnant mothers? Furthermore, how does this apply to the
    strains the vaccine doesn’t protect against? The fact that this study
    was produced by vaccine development centers is also troubling. If
    McDonald’s released a study saying Big Macs were a health food, would
    you believe it? There was also no control group. Where are the women
    that didn’t receive any vaccines? The scientific method only
    works when you use it. I’d also like to point out that they mention a
    efficacy rate of 70% for the women vaccinated against the flu, but don’t
    mention anything about the other group.

    This study smells fishy. Someone is trying to boost sales.

    • TheLump

      There are vaccines that can be given to pregnant women.

      “how does this apply to the strains the vaccine doesn’t protect against?”

      What does this even mean? If it doesn’t protect against a strain then it doesn’t apply, the same for everyone.

      “The fact that this study was produced by vaccine development centers is also troubling.”

      Where else would you develop vaccine therapies?

      “There was also no control group.”

      You’re kidding, right? Did you read any of the studies?

      “they mention a efficacy rate of 70% for the women vaccinated against the flu, but don’t mention anything about the other group.”

      Do you expect something to work that you’ve not done?

      • Cody Garrett

        >If it doesn’t protect against a strain then it doesn’t apply

        That’s my point. Any time you vaccinate you’re gambling between adverse reactions from the vaccine or complications from whatever illness the vaccine is supposed to protect against. Aside from the fact that vaccines in no way offer complete immunity, you’re putting yourself at higher risk if the chances of adverse reactions from the vaccine are higher than the chances of contracting the disease in the first place.

        >Where else would you develop vaccine therapies?

        I expect there not to be a conflict of interest in any supposed scientific “study”.

        >You’re kidding, right? Did you read any of the studies?

        There were no mothers who participated in the study that weren’t vaccinated. There was no control.

        • TheLump

          Your point is moot. No one says vaccines offer total immunity. No one. The chances of adverse reactions from the illness is far far greater than any reaction whatsoever from a vaccine. Vaccination of the masses gives the disease little to no where to host. Lots of that Smallpox going around, right?

          “I expect there not to be a conflict of interest in any supposed scientific “study”.”

          Well, everyone wants that. Can you show where there is one?

          “There were no mothers who participated in the study that weren’t vaccinated. There was no control.”

          So, no, you didn’t bother to look any of it up, you just assumed it because it’s not listed in this particular article. The studies used thousands of them. You can see some of that here:

          You know, if you bother to read at all instead of assume because…reasons. I like how you just repeated your claim as if that was good enough though.

    • Chloe Anwyll

      In the UK, all expecting mothers are advised to get the flu shot and whooping cough vaccine (we are offered these for free). Do you know what happens? This might shock you… Our infants don’t get whooping cough or the flu, and… that’s it! Madness, right?

      • Cody Garrett

        >we are offered these for free


        >Our infants don’t get whooping cough or the flu

        You guys must be doing something special over there then, because people getting vaccinated over here still somehow manage to contract those diseases.

        >Madness, right?

        My thoughts, exactly.

  • Carth Onasi

    Hello, I’m the only main commenter who doesn’t have a problem with this. How’s your day going?

    • TheLump

      My day is great; hope yours is well.

  • Need To Know

    If you don’t want to participate in a healthy society stay the fuck home with your diseases.

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